Day 1 post op

My ATR repair surgery was on Feb 15, 2019. Today is Day 1 post surgery.

I could eat solid soft foods right after surgery without nausea, but the throat did slightly sting when swallowing, since a tube was stuffed down my throat during the surgery.

Currently, my right leg is protected by splints and dressing, and instructed to be non weight bearing for this foot. Toes and knee are not covered. The dressing is to be kept dry.

If toes became blue or if a fever 101.5 F or if the dressing became drenched, I was instructed to go to the hospital right away.

1 aspirin a day and elevated repaired foot was ordered to reduce the chance of blood clotting.

Pain cycles between light and slightly moderate, and I’ve only taken an Acetaminophen once yesterday and once this morning. Remember to find out which pain relievers can and cannot be taken within 8-12 hrs of each other.

Tightness is mostly minimal when I am lifting my repaired foot in the air, slightly more when my foot is on the pillow tower. The feeling of small needles prickling the repaired leg increases on my bathroom trips. Overall, I thought the pain level was tolerable.

My post op evaluation is scheduled for next Thursday (day 6 post surgery).

Pre-op, doctor prescribed 1 week off from work, and will probably decide with me during the evaluation, if more time off is need or not.

After reading some ATR recovery suggestions from literature online. I plan on doing toe wiggles for 4 min increments on Day 3.

A positive outlook is crucial to the healing process. I’ve written colorful post it notes to my future self with words of encouragement. This could be a method for others too.

Good Luck Everyone!

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