So today the hard cast came off.  My doctor wants me to start walking around on it without crutches, which seems crazy.  It doesn’t hurt, but it feels very tight and mechanical.  When I move, it feels like a rubber band tightening, but the nerves feel raw and buzzy, particularly on the inside of the heel.  Anyone else experience this?  And does it go away?  I guess I’m just nervous that there might be some permanently damaged nerves.

On an up note, it is wild feeling the air on my skin!  I washed away the yucky skin that was under the cast and applied some aloe vera with comfrey and camomile.  Massaging it in felt amazing!  When I crutched around for the first time with nothing on my calf or ankle, it was actually exhilarating.  We don’t realize how much information our nerves ignore.  It was like I could feel the air rushing past every cell.  So cool!

As for bearing weight on this leg, I am nervous.  I’m starting really slowly.  Anyone have any good advice for building up to being fully weight bearing in the aircast?  I don’t want to rush it, but I also don’t want to baby it too much…Wish me luck!