I have been having a lot of success using this tea blend to speed up my recovery and make myself feel better in the process.  I could feel the difference after just 2 days!  It helped strengthen the tendon and decrease the pain I was feeling in my heal bone.  The incisions are closing up nicely and it also helped alleviate the knee and hip pain I was feeling from sitting on the couch/crutching around all of the time.  I have more energy, am sleeping better, and am SO much happier!  Try it out if you are into a different approach than the old western medicine cabinet.  Let me know if you have questions, Happy Healing!

Ingredients: (yield 2 week supply)

20 ounces of drief Comfrey Leaf

2.5 ounces of dried Oregon Grape Root

2.5 ounces of dried Red Clover Leaf

2.5 ounces of dried Nettle Leaf

2.5 ounces of dried Horsetail Leaf

Other Supplies:

Large glass jar with lid

Wire mesh strainer

All of these can be purchased online at mountainroseherbs.com or at your local herbal apothecary.  The total cost of the ingredients for a 2 week supply is about 30$ after shipping and it is well worth it!

To make a days worth of tea: Use 2 ounces of dried herb to 4 cups of water

The combination of the herbs is key, you want the blend to be 70% comfrey and the other 30% is split evenly between the other 4 herbs.  That means, If you were making enough for a day you would weigh out 1.4 ounces of comfrey and 0.15 ounces of the other 4 herbs.

To brew a days worth of tea, place the combined 2 ounces of dried herbs in a glass jar and add 4 cups of boiling water, stir the mixture briefly the seal the jar. It is important to seal the jar, as some of beneficial compounds in these herbs become gaseous when heated, sealing the jar prevents the good stuff from escaping.  Let the mixture sit for a minimum of 4 hours, ideally overnight.

Serving per day: 3 cups of tea per day for 2 weeks

This mixture is a bit bitter tasting, to improve the flavor you can mix 1 cup tea with 1 cup apple juice.

When using herbal remedies, it is important to pay attention to your body to see how it feels.  I felt much better right away, but everyone’s body is different so trust yours.  If you hit a point where you are just like, blegh, I couldn’t drink another drop of this stuff if my life depended on it, then your body is probably telling you it has had what it needs.  Conversely, if you are craving the stuff increase your intake to 4 cups per day.  Listen to your body and trust yourself.