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Hi all

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I haven’t been on a while. My right looks and feels great. However, I went back to the hospital for stem cell injections this past Wednesday. I had some infection and the incision was gaping open a little, so my surgeon was going to clean it up a little. When he got in there to clean it up, he discovered that it had completely ruptured again. So I’m starting over again. My left one was the worst one to  begin with. But, he said the donor tendon still looked great so he was able to repair it again while he was in there.

I hope you are all doing great!

Hey y’all…

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This is my story. For a long time I have been having some pain in my legs and feet. I have had two back surgeries and I thought all the pain I was having was related to my back, which was usually relieved with rest. During the summer of 2015, my feet and legs started swelling and the pain worsened. After getting a little kitten and having to put on my “brakes” a few times, I knew that I had messed up my Achilles tendons. I saw my GP, a nurse practitioner, and an orthopaedic surgeon and told all of them that I thought I had injured my Achilles, but all they were concerned with was my swelling. During the 1st  week of March, I entered my house and both of my ankles gave out. I literally could not get up due to the pain.  So after my 1st ambulance ride to the ER, they told me they thought it was…wait for it…my Achilles tendons. I saw a foot specialist the next morning, who scheduled a MRI, and I had bilateral Achilles tendon tears.  He scheduled surgery for that Friday. I went to the hospital, was put to sleep, and when they turned me over they found redness and fever in my legs. I had cellulitis, so no surgery that day. I was given strong antibiotics and finally had my surgery on March 25th. At follow-up last week, he told me that my tendons had been deteriorating for a long time. The left one was completely gone and the right was also a complete tear, with only about 1/2 of it gone. He knew by the MRI results that I would need cadaver tendon, so they had them flown in from a donor bank in Memphis. As they deteriorated, the tendon was being replaced with abnormal tissues. Fat, cholesterol, etc. Weird huh? Anyway, I am confined to bed, casts on both feet, and absolutely no weight bearing. Sorry my post was so long. I promise it won’t be this long again! lol. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? I’m getting pretty bored!