Week 5

January 24, 2012

Week 5. I started PT last week. Everything is going well. I am still in the boot. The boot will be adjusted either tomorrow or on Wed. to allow for the increased dorsi and plantar flexion. I have had massage therapy each vist, which is three times per week. We have worked on stretching the achilles and getting back the range of motion in the ankle. All under the supervision of PT. We are using the stretch rubber bands at various resistance to regain flexability. Wed. I will start using 2 shoes with a lift in the surgical side shoe. This will be used only with PT and on the u-press machine to help in regaining flexability with minimal tendon stretch.

Jan. 31, I will start pool therapy twice a week, doing stretching, walking, lunges  to accelerate the process but in a safe and secure way because of the buoancy of being in the pool.

The surgeon and PT department are happy with the results as far as regaining flexability in the ankle. We will work more extensivley on the tendon itself in the pool. We will keep updating each week so that I can keep track of the progress. I will also get a copy of the actual protocol that we are following. All I can say for now, is that both the surgeon and PT staff are aggressive and I appreciate that.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Good luck to all that are recovering.

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  • 1. pablomoses  |  January 30th, 2012 at 2:17 pm

    Hey milford505 - sounds like you’re about 1.5 weeks ahead of me in this process.

    Brief background - had surgery on Dec 28, splint for 10 days, aircast boot after that - I used a crutch with the boot for 4-5 days, but basically been FWB walking & working in the boot since then (2 weeks). I am an ice sculptor & work involves standing, using power tools & lifting - & I’ve been doing all of that as pain allows from week 2 through week 5. (I’ve left the heavy lifting & carrying to others). With the early work load, AT seems to be doing well - no major swelling & pain is manageable with ice & occasional oxycodone get to sleep.

    I don’t have scheduled follow up or any PT instruction till the end of week 6 - I think this is way too conservative & I am starting on some mellow ROM/strengthening/massage on my own for the next week and a half til my follow up when I can get PT prescribed.

    So I appreciate hearing your experience with beginning PT- at the time that seems correct - any other bits on what you are doing PT-wise are appreciated.

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