out of surgical splint, into a boot

December 9, 2011

It’s been a few days, my apologies. I had my appointment on 12/6 and the surgeon opted for a boot instead of a cast for the remainder. He set my angle at 30 degrees downward to help allow the tendon and heel bone to continue to heal. My incision looked good, he wanted to leave the stitches in another week. My next appointment is 12/16 when the stitches come out and he will do an xray. I am still NWB and will be until either 12/30 or 1/6/2012 depending on xrays. The great thing is that it is pain free, I am taking calcium with vitamin D as a supplement, my normal multi vitamin. I have started to get back on my protein drink twice a day, which gives me approx. 60 grams of protein to at least aid in the healing process. The surgeon also encouraged visiting and working out at the Y. Although he wants me NWB he wants me to work the leg, as in leg lifts etc. per PT. He wants the blood flow to increase which will aid in the healing process. The trainers at my YMCA and I am sure at most clubs, would be happy to show and demonstrate excercises that won’t cause further injury yet enhance muscle tone and blood flow. Always clear any workouts and excercises with your Dr. and or PT before doing them!!!

We will keep you updated. For now, all is well and I will just continue to do as directed. Good luck to everyone out there. I hope all goes well.

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