Slight Swelling

9th week now and completed 1st week of PT. Using Crutch when I go outside of the house, but no crutches FWB in the house. Only concern is that there is some slight swelling in the foot and ankle.

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  1. I think some swelling is normal. I notice I have it after all day in the boot. It seems to go down after I elevate. Do you notice the same?

  2. Battled swelling up to 6-7 months with both, especially when was active on feet.

    Compression socks by 2XU were one of best investments I made, really good product, pricey at $50 range, but really helped me

    eventually as foot gets stronger, swelling goes away. One other thing is like a foamy pad about size of a Frisbee really helped strengthen everything around foot(muscle/tendons), standing on this and balancing will help

  3. See my blog page with a title like “This @$#% swelling is getting OLD!”

  4. Every morning the scars are pale and not very swollen. By the end of the day the scars and red and purple and my ankle looks twice its size. I keep trying to increase the exercise to increase my ROM, flexibilty and strength. But then need the cold therapy sleeve. But I agree, swelling is indeed OLD!

  5. Hi Debuff
    Not sure if anyone else is experiencing the same problem when trying to reply, all apart from this comment will not open , just thought I’d let you know

  6. obviously can’t figure out how to post photos,

  7. Thanks. Sometimes the pictures show up and sometimes they don’t so I don’t know what the problem is. Thanks for your positive thoughts any way.

  8. I’m just over 5 weeks out from injury (non-surgical) and just began FWB today without crutches. I’m able to use 2 shoes at home for short distances with the heel lifts. I noticed today that I have had some swelling around the ankle, which is probably due to me using it too much too soon.

    I found that raising the foot and using ice has helped tremendously. I also have heard of iontophoresis (using dextamethasone) helps quite a bit with swelling — my PT had mentioned it.

  9. Hi, I ruptured my achilles last May 26,3013. Posterior cast for a week then aircast boot for 7 weeks. There was no surgery performed. For the first 2 weeks, I was just resting and elevate my affected foot almost all the time. 2nd week rehab started. On my 4th week I started biking outside with the boot on ( Not following doctors order) coz i was too bored already. You know yourself better than anyone right..just know your limits. If it hurts then stop. @ 7 weeks my PT told me that I can wear regular shoes and start walking without a cane or crtuches. @ 8 weeks I was walking and biking BUT with a little bit of swelling. The doctor told me that its normal and will take months before everythings goes back to normal. Im on my 10th week now and im happy for my progress. My PT told me to learn to trust my achilles again if i want to go back to my activities. But be extra careful… Aircast cryocuff also helps a lot. Every after exercise session I always take time to wear it for 15mins. And it felt great afterwards. :)

  10. Congrats on your progress Rainer! That’s terrific news.

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