Advice about Knee Walker

I am thinking about getting a knee walker because it is difficult getting up slight inclines to my doctor’s office. Anyone foresee problems? Also how do you get up from a chair or couch onto a knee walker?

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  1. I think they all have brakes, often on the handlebars like a bike. (The ones I almost bought for my ATR#2 were walkers that could be used walking, seated, or kneeling.) As long as you’re applying the brakes, you should be able to get up the same way you have been with a non-kneeling, non-rolling walker.

    As long as you don’t lose control on that “slight incline” with the brakes off, I don’t foresee any problems. OTOH, I’m “cooler” to knee walkers than most folks here, though I did make ample use of a number of wheeled chairs (office, steno/student) around the house while I was rehabbing from both ATRs. But with any luck at all, you’ll very soon be at the PWB stage of your rehab, which can best be done with crutches. As you progress through that stage — basically from NWB to FWB — everything stays the same, with your mechanics exactly mimicking a normal walking gait, EXCEPT that you’re using crutches, which initially bear 100% of your weight, then gradually less and less until they bear 0% of your weight, and then you ditch them. I think that’s very hard to mimic well with a walker of any kind (and definitely with a KNEE walker!), so with luck you’ll only be using it for 2 weeks of your rehab. . .

    OTOH, the folks here who’ve hated crutches a lot and tried knee walkers have mostly loved them. I don’t know how well they did with PWB, or if their rehab was slowed down, or what.

  2. The knee walker is not always more helpful, but it was for me for several things. Work, walking to class, the mall, grocery stores where I didn’t need a cart, and a couple other situations. Crutches would have killed my hands/armpits I’m sure after all that distance. Slight inclines are fine. Grass and rocks are awful, but I could go up a curb if I took it slowly. Often in the beginning I would have to balance on one leg to get on it, but anything you can hold onto is helpful. It wasn’t any harder than crutches to get on for me.
    I bought a Drive knee walker on amazon for about $200 which I plan to resell on craigslist.

  3. knee Walker are great. My mother used one after the Ankle Surgery. It made getting around much easier for her.

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