Cast Off

Two weeks after surgery the cast has been removed and replaced with a boot. Wound was pretty good except for one “wet” area. Dr. used butterflys and prescribed more antibiotics and wants to see me on Wed.

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  1. Lucky you, I had surgery 2 weeks ago to the day. I got my soft cast off and a hard cast put on on Tuesday. I’ll be wearing this for 3 weeks.

    I required a hard cast because my Achilles had to be stitched into my calf muscle (very high tear). Stitching to muscle is more risky short term, so I’m in a fancy uncomfortable cast until May 28th.

    My wound looks really good compared to some others I’ve seen. I was very pleased with it.


  2. Hattrick30. You and I are in the same boat. I’m in my cast for 4weeks though. Just got it today so it’s off on June 7. I had an FHL transfer which was drilled and screwed into my heel which is why I got 4weeks in this cast.

    My dr said my wound looked great. No puss leakage or anything else so I’m happy with that.

  3. You can shower AND you get your cast off? I’m jealous! Congratulations.

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