Slight Swelling

9th week now and completed 1st week of PT. Using Crutch when I go outside of the house, but no crutches FWB in the house. Only concern is that there is some slight swelling in the foot and ankle.

First PT

I had my first PT since surgery 8 weeks ago. Therapist took measurements and determined ability to move my foot in all directions. He also looked at the wound and also said it didn’t look that bad. I guess I am the only one who thinks it sucks.

He then had me do 6 different exercises and then ice for 10 minutes. He wants me not to use the boot while I am in the house but use it this week when I go outside.

I am pleased with everything except the wound which I hope shows me some signs of closing soon.


Am I Causing A Problem

I had surgery April 25th. I only wear the boot when I go out of the house. In the house I use a walker but for the last couple of days I am walking around the kitchen without the walker and it feels good. Any problems with that?


Week 5

Dr. said I can start PT in 2 Weeks. He removed the last wedge in the boot. I can now walk FWB at home. Wound is still open but he isn’t concerned. Dr. expects 3-4 weeks PT and full recovery in 8 more weeks. LOL

1 Month

Open wound is 1cm square, but Dr. said it looks good. He removed 1 wedge from the boot and told me I can have PWB. If wound looks the same or better next week, I will begin PT. Happy as all hell.

Wound Specialist

Saw specialist who diagnost the wound not healing as a result of Buergers Disease which is from smoking. No more cigars. He prescribed Aquacel. Beginning week 5 and hope surgeon will allow pwb and pt this Friday when I see him.

Advice about Knee Walker

I am thinking about getting a knee walker because it is difficult getting up slight inclines to my doctor’s office. Anyone foresee problems? Also how do you get up from a chair or couch onto a knee walker?

Friday will be 3 weeks since surgery. Dr took out stiches last Friday and saw him today where he removed the dressing only to find two areas which haven’t healed yet. He said not to worry as it isn’t infected. He has me still on antibiotics prophylactically.

Has anyone else had a wound that had problems healing?

Cast Off

Two weeks after surgery the cast has been removed and replaced with a boot. Wound was pretty good except for one “wet” area. Dr. used butterflys and prescribed more antibiotics and wants to see me on Wed.

Shower plan worked well

Real easy. With shower chair facing out, I backed up to it with the walker and sat down. Picked the chair up by pushing down on good leg and rotated shower chair. Reversed the above to get out. Highly recommend.