Two shoes!

11 weeks, 5 days post op, and finally two shoes!  It sure feels weird.  I have a small limp, but when I concentrate it is not there.

My Dr. said I should wear the hiking boots (I had one hiking boot to balance the size of the walking boot) for two weeks for support. 

He also said be very careful not to mis-step; no running for four weeks, and no surfing for four more weeks.   Be careful on stairs and at the beach.

He said that at 12 weeks post op you are 70% healed, and that after 6 months post op your tendon is as strong as it will get , just about 100%.

What have most of you been wearing for shoes after the boot?  Any problems? 

I am so freeking excited about this!  I am a bit worried, as that boot was pretty good protection, and it let folks around you know you had an injury.  Now when I walk it just looks like I am old, drunk, or REALLY slow!


Mike R



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