Turning My Crossfit Injury Into Opportunity

NEED ADVICE: Physical Therapist is WAAAY more conservative than the Surgeon

So I went to the Physical therapist for the 3rd time yesterday and it is becoming apparent that it is a complete waste of time.

All 3 times it consisted of the following:

PT: “Do you have any pain?”

Me: No

PT:”Lets see you move it.”

I then move it to a bit further than neutral

PT:Wow you are doing great. This is one of the best cases of progress I’ve seen in an achilles rupture. The doctor is really impressed too. blah blah blah”

PT: You should have a few lifts left in your boot right? I wouldn’t take anymore out of there for now, this is a very slow process”

Me: I have just 1 lift left to remove and just 2 more days until it’s gone

PT: I wouldnt take it out for a week or so. Actually if things get swollen ( my ankle has not swollen at all since the 1st week post surgery) it might not be a bad idea to put one back in. Make sure you stay on 2 crutches too, very little weight bearing” ( I have been on just 1 crutch for a week FWB and for the most part I dont even use that crutch except for around the office and back and forth to the car)

PT: Well I will see you next week I don’t think we need another session this week,, you are doing so well!

This whole process takes about 10 minutes

I know my surgeon is far more progressive. He initially told me that in 4 weeks he wanted me to be at neutral in the boot, FWB with no crutches, which I am on track for. At my 2 week post op was was surpised I had not removed all of my lifts from my boot yet, and said my ROM was off the charts.

It seems to me that this PT is a waste of my time. I chose him because he is in the same office and my surgeon and would be able to communicate with him as much as needed.

Anyone else have this experience with the PT. It seems to me like if I’m 3 weeks ahead of schedule, then I should be doing whatever it is you do at that mark now? Make sense?