Turning My Crossfit Injury Into Opportunity

15 weeks and the Crossfit Open behind me, still feeling weak.

It’s been awhile since my last post.  Mostly because there is minimal progress. I suppose it’s just less noticable.

I can walk slowly without a limp, but I like to walk fast :) so it’s usually visible.

I made it through through Crossfit open, starting with a goal of finishing in the top half of my region.  I came close, finishing in the top 55%

Nearly every workout seemed to be effected by my lack of calf strength.

13.1 snatches are hard when you can’t get up to your toes.

13.2 Box jumps were subbed with step ups

13.3 Every try a one legged double under? I was only able to get 14.

13.4 This one actually wasnt too bad . Thrusters put a little strain on the achilles at the bottom, but not too much pain.

I’m please to have finished every workout, but of course I want to be further along.

At this point I still cant get even a millimeter off the ground without some assistance from the other leg. Is this typical for everyone?  Starting to slip back into the pity party now that I’ve plateaued.