Turning My Crossfit Injury Into Opportunity

Arnica Gel?

I had a co worker stop by my desk yesterday and suggest the use of arnica gel  as a topical anti inflammatory. I looked it up and for $10 at Walgreens I thought i would give it a shot.

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It is advertised to reduce swelling, muscles stiffness and bruising.  I applied it twice during the day yesterday.

today I woke up to find my ankle feeling pretty great with minimal swelling. This part wasn’t all that phenomenal to me because it feels pretty good every morning. But the bruising was visibly less. I didnt take a before  pic so I don’t have any hard evidence to compare, but i did take one this morning . I will take another photo in a couple of days to shoe the difference.

Anyone have luck with this gel?

This afternoon is my first session of PT…Fingers crossed.