Rockin’ Out in 2 shoes

I made plans in early June to attend a Green Day concert at the LA Forum on August 25. Two weeks after I bought my tickets, I tore my Achilles. I figured there was no way I would get to go to the show. Cut to last night, I was on the floor of the [...]

2 Shoes!!!!

I got rid of the boot over the weekend. My first PT appt. went well. I have a few exercises to do and I’ll be going 2x a week for a while. Right now I just need to focus on heel to toe walking and strengthening. All the weeks of hopping around make this progress [...]

No news is good news

Third post-op apt. Doc took the final wedge out and told me to “assume the position” (on stomach with feet hanging off the end of the table). There is a small nub of scar tissue at the top of the incision which he said to leave alone. It looks almost like a pimple or bug [...]

Near miss (I hope)

Getting ready for bed last night (without the boot) I brifely lost my balance and put some weight on the wrong foot. It was brief and I certainly didn’t step down but I felt the pressure you would expect in the AT area. No pop or swelling and the discomfort (barely pain) subsided quickly. I [...]

2nd Dr. Appt. 3w 1d post surgery - FWB - good progress

Doc was in the room for 10 minutes maybe. Per the Doc:
1) there is no way I should even consider platlet rich injection therapy b/c it is expensive, there is no research on post op patients to support the therapy’s viability and most importantly he said the down side of introducing a foreign body [...]

Dr. appt tomorrow

I am scheduled to get one of the three heel wedges out during what will be the second post op appointment.
Currently, my list of questions is as follows:
1) When can I start PT?
2) When can I swim in the pool?
3) Thoughts on platlet rich injection therapy post-op.
Anything else I should be taking up with my [...]

Platlet Rich Plasma Therapy

Has anyone given this serious consideration? I’m going to bring it up with my doctor next Wednesday A Promising Treatment for Athletes, in Blood


Update: I’ve been “walking” without crutches on the boot for the better part of the day. The pace is slow but I am getting from point a to point b. I noticed soreness at the top of the calf. Not bad soreness with the tendon but the kind of soreness you get when you work [...]


Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to play basketball (or be Buckeyes).