Rockin’ Out in 2 shoes

I made plans in early June to attend a Green Day concert at the LA Forum on August 25. Two weeks after I bought my tickets, I tore my Achilles. I figured there was no way I would get to go to the show. Cut to last night, I was on the floor of the Forum nodding my head to a great rock show. The crowd was pretty tame so I was never really in any danger of falling or getting knocked over. The worst part of it from a AT standpoint was standing for 3 straight hours. There was some swelling at the end of the night but no real pain and I am back to normal this am.

Good times!

3 Responses to “Rockin’ Out in 2 shoes”

  1. you’re almost ready to go back to playing hoops!

  2. Never!

  3. Rock and roll in two shoes?
    Truck on out and spread the news!

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