Platlet Rich Plasma Therapy

Has anyone given this serious consideration? I’m going to bring it up with my doctor next Wednesday A Promising Treatment for Athletes, in Blood

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  1. Hi Mike,

    It’s a promising new therapy, but not much tested yet. My ortho’s guess, when I asked him about it, was that it will be used most for annoying nonsurgical things like tennis elbow. It has been tried with nonsurgical Achilles treatment, and at the time of Achilles surgery, but I don’t know if it has been used after Achilles surgery has already been done. The rupture itself may cause enough inflammation that the PRP won’t have so much to add.

    On a related note, I remember worrying that my tendon was so shredded at the time of my surgery, since that would make a messier (and presumably weaker, at least short term) repair. But maybe, in the long run, that’s a good thing, as all the inflammation (over more of the tendon) may do a better job of “treating” the underlying tendinosis that is often what led to the rupture in the first place. That could mean it’s stronger once it heals, in comparison to a “cleaner” rupture that might heal more quickly short term, but leave areas of tendinosis behind that might rupture later on. That’s only speculation.

    Perhaps, if you have tendinosis in your other Achilles, (check with ultrasound someday?), you could have a PRP injection in the other one, as the chance of rupturing the other one sometime in the future is not that low. In one study, 6% of people who had surgical repair of one tendon ruptured the other one over the next few years. The lifetime risk is presumably higher than 6%. PRP could have a role to play there, especially if ultrasound shows defects in the tendon.

    Just some random thoughts,


  2. I had PRP treatment after Achillies reconstructive surgery involving a tendon transfer. I had 3 treatments 6 weeks apart. I felt that it was beneficial. A day or so after each treatment I could feel an improvement in strength. It could be my imagination but it seemed to get the repaired area smoother, as in lining up the colligen in a more organized fashion mininizing the scar tissue.
    After the first treatment I had the courage to ride hard on the bike standing on the pedals on the hills. IMHO it was the way to go.

  3. Bob P - Did you decide to undergo the PRP treatments on your own or was your surgeon on board with you doing it. I am going in on Wed to see the doc. I am betting he will either tell me it doesn’t help or flat out tell me not to do it cause it will jeopardize “his” repair.

  4. Mike

    FYI my ortho simply told me that PRP would be used, not the other way around. I believe they tend to do it during surgery because they make the stuff out of your own blood and you’re already hooked up. I really have no way of knowing if it’s effective or not. The theory sounds good though.

  5. Mike
    My guy was definitely on board, in fact he did it. I have heard of it being done at the time of surgery but that was not how we approached it.
    He drew a vial of blood and put it in a centrefuge(sp) for a while then he reinjected it using a sonogram for guidance. The whole procedure took about 40 min. I hade none of the residual pain that can accompany the treatment. In fact when I got home I went for a 20 mile bike ride. ;-)

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