Rockin’ Out in 2 shoes

I made plans in early June to attend a Green Day concert at the LA Forum on August 25. Two weeks after I bought my tickets, I tore my Achilles. I figured there was no way I would get to go to the show. Cut to last night, I was on the floor of the Forum nodding my head to a great rock show. The crowd was pretty tame so I was never really in any danger of falling or getting knocked over. The worst part of it from a AT standpoint was standing for 3 straight hours. There was some swelling at the end of the night but no real pain and I am back to normal this am.

Good times!

2 Shoes!!!!

I got rid of the boot over the weekend. My first PT appt. went well. I have a few exercises to do and I’ll be going 2x a week for a while. Right now I just need to focus on heel to toe walking and strengthening. All the weeks of hopping around make this progress that much sweeter.

thank you everyone for the support thus far.

No news is good news

Third post-op apt. Doc took the final wedge out and told me to “assume the position” (on stomach with feet hanging off the end of the table). There is a small nub of scar tissue at the top of the incision which he said to leave alone. It looks almost like a pimple or bug bite. He said “your body will eat that”. He said 7-10 more days in the boot and then 2 shoes!!!! He checked ROM and said it is almost normal. I also mentioned that although I attempted to call in my scrip for PT a week ago, the soonest they could get me in is next week Monday. His response was, “That’s fine, good even - since more time to mend is better.” He then mentioned that there was a high degree of likelihood that my calf would never be the same size as the unaffected side. Honestly, I don’t care at this point as long as I can function normally and keep up with my 1 yr old. He had me “press the gas pedal” while I was on my stomach and seemed pleased with my effort.

PT starts next week and 2 shoes is not far off. All very exciting.

Near miss (I hope)

Getting ready for bed last night (without the boot) I brifely lost my balance and put some weight on the wrong foot. It was brief and I certainly didn’t step down but I felt the pressure you would expect in the AT area. No pop or swelling and the discomfort (barely pain) subsided quickly. I am keeping my fingers crossed I didn’t do any damage. See the Doc on Monday so I’ll mention it to him. That was stupid on my part to be out of the boot in that situation. Fingers crossed it won’t be an issue. Everything feels status-quo today.

Update: 8/27 - Dr. said all is well. Removed the 2nd or three heel wedges in the boot and gave me a scrip for PT (gentle ROM/PRE/Moderately). He said I can get past neutral and that I could drive if I wanted. I am going hold off for now. Best news is the wound is closed and I can go swimming with my daughter for the first time (she just turned 1 yr old). I am excited about that!!!

2nd Dr. Appt. 3w 1d post surgery - FWB - good progress

Doc was in the room for 10 minutes maybe. Per the Doc:

1) there is no way I should even consider platlet rich injection therapy b/c it is expensive, there is no research on post op patients to support the therapy’s viability and most importantly he said the down side of introducing a foreign body (the needle) into the surgery site is that you could retard healing (i.e. infection). Sounds reasonable to me. I am dropping it.
2) No PT or swimming until after the next appt. (in 10 days).
3) he removed the first of the three wedges and walking FWB w/o crutches is easier.

He was pleased with the progress. He said the foot was close to 90 degrees which I gather is a good thing?

Dr. appt tomorrow

I am scheduled to get one of the three heel wedges out during what will be the second post op appointment.
Currently, my list of questions is as follows:
1) When can I start PT?
2) When can I swim in the pool?
3) Thoughts on platlet rich injection therapy post-op.

Anything else I should be taking up with my guy while I have his undivided attention for 5 minutes?


Platlet Rich Plasma Therapy

Has anyone given this serious consideration? I’m going to bring it up with my doctor next Wednesday A Promising Treatment for Athletes, in Blood


Update: I’ve been “walking” without crutches on the boot for the better part of the day. The pace is slow but I am getting from point a to point b. I noticed soreness at the top of the calf. Not bad soreness with the tendon but the kind of soreness you get when you work a muscle out that’s been dormant for a while. Gotta love that. Downside of this new mobility is that my good foot, back and rt knee are all a little achy from the off kilter (3 heel wedges) stride. Progress!


Hello to everyone,

Much like my recovery from a rt ATR I am starting out with this blog slow and tentative. I tore my AT on fathers day during a game of pickup bball. It was during the 3rd game of the day. I came down from a shot (I’m told I missed) and landed with my rt foot behind me. I felt the telltale crack on the back of the ankle and looked for the culprit. I knew what it was right away from the lifeless limp state of my foot. 2 days later I was on the operating table and now 2 weeks post surgery I am hobbling around in a boot trying to “walk” FWB per the doc’s instructions. I say “walk” because what I am doing bears little resemblance to walking.  In any event things are going fine I suppose. I get my work done just fine since I have a desk job. I’ve told the story of my injury approximately 30 millions times. Most people are surprised to hear how long it takes to recover from an ATR. I find that surprising but I think I am projecting my exposure to similar injuries in the sports world with NBA and NFL players. This one is a season ender folks. God bless my loving wife, she is the real victim in all this. She’s been run ragged between our 1 yr old and her 33 yr old.

Right now my short term goal is to be able to attend a football game (my beloved Michigan Wolverines) 10+ weeks out from surgery. I’ve heard conflicting reports from “you’ll be walking with a limp and a cane” to “don’t even try it since you will almost certainly re-injure it”.  I’m going to play it by ear for now but I am encouraged by how good I feel right now (no pain and making progress with the boot). Hopefully I’ll keep it up. My second love is fishing (I live in LA so my yearly trip back home to Michigan is usually my only chance to go) and I am a little more worried about my chances at making that trip.  The chance for a slip and fall on the uneven ground just seems too great. Again, day by day - inch by inch. One thing is fore sure, I am done with basketball. I’ll play horse with my daughter but that’s about it.

I see the doc next week which will be 3w 1d from surgery. My first post op was taking the cast off and being fitted with the boot (w/ 3 wedges). He tells me I will go back approx. every 10 days to remove a wedge and then go 10 more days with just the boot before switching to shoes. That is a scary proposition if ever there was one. The Doc seems to be taking an aggressive protocol which is fine with me (33 yrs old - good health). I previously had an ACL tear on the same leg (14 yrs ago) so I know about long term recoveries.  The amount of atrophy in my calf over the past 3 weeks is stunning. I can’t imagine what it must be like for people who go the entire 6 weeks in a cast. I hope I never find out first hand.  From reading everyone’s accounts and my own experience I know to speak up if something seems wrong and I certainly will take the cautious route when given the choice. My biggest gripe right now is that my doc is a Buckeye but we can’t all be perfect I suppose.

Fingers crossed and I will check back in with more news after my next appt.

Happy and speedy recovery to everyone!