15 weeks video - barefoot, 1 heel, down and up stairs …

15 weeks videovideo .

1 heel
pic is 1 heel raise - how high / low I can go for a while. So far normal foot goes 10 cm and injured 6.5 cm - 3.5 cm diff.
I have inserts in one shoes that I wear for work, otherwise I don’t use inserts.
I started 1 heel raise in swim pool 2 weeks ago.
I bicycle each other day.
So far I do 10 1 heel raises 2 - 5 times/day and 2 heels up - 1 heel down. Plan to do 20 heel raises and close diff.
I almost don’t have issue going down stairs (see video).
I’ve walk shore line 2 times for 30 - 50 min.
I try to walk each day 1.5+ mi in shoes.
I didn’t try jump or run or etc.
Ankle area looks better, but “blob” / temp tissue exist where AT was torn.

When I told to my PT about all I did - I got big NO to walking barefoot on sand / shore as it adds force to AT that isn’t safe at 14 - 15 weeks, where whole point was to exercise by walking on sand ;-) . And I have to use inserts everywhere.
I don’t remember when I last time had pain at night as it was some time ago.
I keep elevating foot, not as often, but do it.

Any ideas for 16 weeks video are very welcome ;-) - as I don’t know what to film?

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  1. normofthenorth Says:

    That looks like terrific progress, Mike! Your heel raises are a little more impressive than mine, and you’re ~11 weeks earlier in your rehab! You’ve also been working harder at it, which may explain some of it.

    I think you and Gunner have both taken my advice (on skipping the surgery) and then both “left me in the dirt”!!

    I don’t mind, though. I’m pretty content with my own progress, and it’s not holding me back anywhere.

    Except for your skinny right calf, and the lower calf strength on that side (as seen on the heel raise and lower heel when you walk on your toes), I don’t think I’d ever guess from the videos that you were recovering from a crippling injury less than 4 months ago! And all without surgery, too!

    Don’t stop!

  2. mikek753 Says:

    thanks for the comment ;-)
    one of my short goals id to walk on toes (foot front, ball) without limping that would mean both legs have more or less the same support strength in Calf or / and etc areas.
    I don’t really know when this may happen, but I hope it will some day ;-)

    Now about high heel raise that I can’t do and even I do 2 heels raise, while trying to match normal leg, even without applying much force, I’m getting pain in lower ankle area that I think is below AT torn area. That’s where I got puzzled for a while! Could it be due to long immobility in this area?
    When I sit and do full plantar my injured foot matches normal and I do NOT feel any pain, while in stand up - heel raise position it’s way different story.
    I’m thinking to try push big (fitness) ball while in sit position to exercise this last push.
    What do you think?
    How did you get this last heel push?

  3. normofthenorth Says:

    Mike, don’t ask me “How did you get this last heel push?” because I still don’t have it yet, this time around (at 6 months)!

    Last time (8 yrs ago), I stayed in 3 casts and a hinged boot for about 4 months, then I discovered one day that (a) I could walk barefoot without a limp and (b) I could even do a few 1-leg heel raises — pretty solid high ones, too.

    Unfortunately, on that same day, my physio told me to “do as many as you can”, which I did, and I couldn’t do a heel raise (or walk without pain in the back of my heel) for another month. After that lost month, I went easy on the 1-leg heel raises. I went for a ski week at Whistler (same as this time) and got caught up in sailing (and sailboat-racing) season, just like I’m doing now, so I don’t really know what kind of heel raises I could do when. Sometime during that Summer, I saw my Ortho who asked me to show him my 1-leg heel raises — which I had NOT been practicing much.

    I did a handful of them for him, but I was grunting and groaning. That’s when he told me I could play volleyball again as soon as I could a bunch WITHOUT grunting and groaning. By the time the sailing season was winding down (at ~10 months in), I could do that, so I signed up for the volleyball season, and had a blast.

    Because I get immersed in sailing in the summer, back then and now, I don’t really know how quickly my calf strength developed then, compared to now. I suspect it was quicker then, because I could do the heel raises (the ones I SHOULDN’T have done!) at around 4 months, which I sure as Heck could NOT do this time around. After that setback, it was probably still quicker back then.

    From where you are now, the rest of the way to a perfect 100% “cure”, it’s all a matter of judgment and priorities. Me, I’d avoid doing all those exercises that cause “pain in lower ankle area that I think is below AT torn area”. But that’s me, and it’s your leg! And you’ve been pushing harder than I have all along, flirting with more pain, and you’ve apparently gotten away with it, with a pretty good result in a pretty quick time. So do what you want to do, because it seems to be working OK! Your risk of re-rupturing is fairly low now and fading, so the biggest risk of overdoing is probably that you’ll hit a setback like I did. I had no pain during the few minutes when I overdid, but I was cranking out those 1-leg heel raises as if my life depended on it — dumb! The pain set in a few hours later, as I recall.

    Since then, I may have backed off a little MORE than I had to (BOTH times), but it’s working fine for me. . .

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