1 year - back to ski - video

March 13th, 2011

It’s been 1 year after ATR
almost back to normal.
I keep working on 1 heel raises at gym.
I resume my recreational ski, but no drops and no jumps
My last week ski videovideo

Wish you all fast recovery.

8 months video

November 1st, 2010

8 months videovideo .

It’s 30p only - not easy to see motion
I hope I didn’t limp much.
On video top speed was 7 mph for a min each time.

I started running on teadmill - no video

October 30th, 2010

This week at 1st I tried run for 1 and 2 min and the next day for 9 min.
It was at just 4 mph and 0 up.
Not sure I can make video in gym.
The next day I didn’t do anything - just relax.
And today when I did 1 heel on a book I did easy 30 up.
I plan to increase to 5 mph for 10 min next Monday
and if no issues add 2 min each day

7 months - Video - 1 heel exercise

September 30th, 2010

7 months videovideo .

Time flies at very rapid speed.
I didn’t start any sporting activity for a while …
So far I didn’t get Ok from PT for this.
I started raising 1 heel on 2″ book, see the video pic.
I’m walking on my toes 2-3 times by 3 min other than strength days and so far I’m limping doing that, my goal for starting running to not limp on toes, while I feel I can run already ;-)

I almost don’t need to elevate my foot ;-)
I can’t raise 1 heel as high as my other normal so far and it delta isn’t closing :-(
Will it be the same ever?

Hope you all doing better than I’m as I got busy at work and can’t spend as much time as I had on ATR recovery.

almost 6 months … video

September 14th, 2010

6 months videovideo .

1 1

Somehow I got very busy at work, at home, etc …
I almost catch up at home and at work for past 2-4 months of not being fully functional.
And I wasn’t able to post anything to the site with my updates.
I don’t have many updates so far.
I’ve restricted my Achilles activity as I got more swelling and my PT told
me to stop.
I put 6 months video to my Vimeo - not much to see.
I’ve worked on 1 heel raises for past 2 months almost every other day, while
another day just 30 - 60 min walk.
I didn’t start any sport activity for a while.
I don’t even try to run, but I can walk fast and almost jogging, but restrict myself not to.
Now I do 3 sets by 20 1 heel raises, however my PT corrected me about how to
do it, before
I was against a wall, now I just touch a wall on my right by right hand to
eliminate any help and one set I do without a wall.
Other day I walk on toes for 5 - 10 min and just walk 30 - 60 min / day.
Somehow I got too much work in the past month and hope to balance it in the
next 2 weeks - new project started and it’s ramping up. I plan to re join
gym in 2 weeks to start walking on treadmill and use etc.

My calf didn’t grow in past 2 months at all as I didn’t push at all - it
stuck at 33 - 33.5 cm
Now I can push till I got calf fatigue and it started increasing .5 cm

On long weekend I was kayaking (Lake Tahoe) , but it wasn’t much calf as
upper body activity ;-) 5 - 6 hours / day - but that was my 1st 3 days out
of home - camping
Beside sport I don’t have any restrictions / anomalies, however I keep
elevating my leg from time to time.

18 weeks video

July 3rd, 2010

18 weeks videovideo .

1 1

16 weeks video - some progress

June 21st, 2010

16 weeks videovideo .


1 1

As you may see those markings on my foots to measure how high foot is raised.
I went fast from 6.5 cm to 7.5 cm and had been with 7.5 cm for almost a week - no progress.
Yesterday I got 7.8 cm. As it isn’t very accurate measurement +/- 2 mm I don’t see much progress going higher :-(
while, I can do 20 1-heel raises.
Calf size isn’t increasing, it has been 33.5 cm for 2 -3 weeks. I measure it by tape 4″ down from knee.
Again I’m doing full exercises every OTHER day, can’t do it every day due to discomfort / pain.
I keep elevating foot when I can.
No jumping, no jogging yet.

15 weeks video - barefoot, 1 heel, down and up stairs …

June 14th, 2010

15 weeks videovideo .

1 heel
pic is 1 heel raise - how high / low I can go for a while. So far normal foot goes 10 cm and injured 6.5 cm - 3.5 cm diff.
I have inserts in one shoes that I wear for work, otherwise I don’t use inserts.
I started 1 heel raise in swim pool 2 weeks ago.
I bicycle each other day.
So far I do 10 1 heel raises 2 - 5 times/day and 2 heels up - 1 heel down. Plan to do 20 heel raises and close diff.
I almost don’t have issue going down stairs (see video).
I’ve walk shore line 2 times for 30 - 50 min.
I try to walk each day 1.5+ mi in shoes.
I didn’t try jump or run or etc.
Ankle area looks better, but “blob” / temp tissue exist where AT was torn.

When I told to my PT about all I did - I got big NO to walking barefoot on sand / shore as it adds force to AT that isn’t safe at 14 - 15 weeks, where whole point was to exercise by walking on sand ;-) . And I have to use inserts everywhere.
I don’t remember when I last time had pain at night as it was some time ago.
I keep elevating foot, not as often, but do it.

Any ideas for 16 weeks video are very welcome ;-) - as I don’t know what to film?

14 weeks video - barefoot and 1 heel …

June 5th, 2010

14 weeks videovideo .
I’ve started getting some strength back.
Started in swimming pool and it helped a lot.
I have to continue elevate to keep swelling down :-(
It’s been 14 weeks, but swelling just doesn’t disappear and I have to level injured foot up every 2 - 4 hours for a while.
Swelling isn’t visual as was before and I can tell by stiffness or some pain.

13 weeks walking in shoes - video

May 29th, 2010

13 weeks videovideo now.
Don’t have much progress from week 11 :-(
No, I don’t do and didn’t even try 1 heel raise.
I’ve waited until I can do 2 heels without any pain / stiffness and so far no progress for this matter, so I’ll wait more …
I keep doing the same exercises as started from week 10.
Overall I feel better, but not as I expected to get by this time.
Yes, it’s so slow process.
How other can be running at 12 weeks already?
My next Doc check up at 6 month. I was recommended to keep inserts in shoes till 6 month to be on safe side.

this is selected in red area get hardened blob.