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  1. Hey guys! I have a really interesting achilles tendon rupture story for you guys haha so enjoy reading!

    So I do a lot of traditonal Indian dancing which is essentially just bouncing on your toes for an eight minute routine. I have been doing this dance for five years and the day of the rupture we had been warmed up and practicing for an hour already! And then I jumped up only on my left leg and I felt the tendon literally snap and I was convinced for the following 10 min that someone had hit me from behind, when in that routine that was entirely impossible. I didn’t even know what an achilles rupture was at the time so I just thought I pulled it really bad as I was still able to walk (with a terrible limp, but still walk).

    When it didn’t get better for a week I went to an urgent care and they thought I was fine and was just overreacting about what happened. Additionally I feel like I didn’t have as much pain and swelling in the area after about a week of walking on it, which really made it seem like I was bluffing. So i believed them and continued walking on it for THREE WEEKS. Funny enough I walked around campus for these three weeks as well as attending a concert and even going to Vegas for the weekend. LOL.

    I knew something really wasn’t right because it was the weirdest feeling when you tell your foot to lift your heel up off the ground and i couldn’t- like my foot was ignoring signals from my brain. Finally I forced the urgent care to take an MRI and found it was ruptured. And as a result of walking around for so long the gap was found to be 3 cm, when it could have possibly been a lot less if treated sooner.

    I am speechless when it comes to this injury and the astounding recovery time, which becomes harder and harder to accept as more time goes on. Everyday I wake up wishing that that day hadn’t happened or that I didn’t go to practice that day and my whole life would have been so much different.

    The thing that really gets me is that this injury is most common among older men who decide to become active for the weekend. And the funny thing is that I am the opposite of all those statistics being an 18 YEAR OLD ACTIVE FEMALE! I am honestly confused as to why this injury has happened to me!

  2. Also just now noticing these posts are insanely old like from a year to like 10 years ago. Is anyone still on here or is it just me?

  3. @sumerhenna, hi yes we are still here. just that people who recover in a year or two move on to other things in their lives. I maintain AchillesBlog, and I’ve been on this site since my injury in 2008. Wow, it’s already been 10 years!

  4. @sumerhenna - set up your own blog page and then it is easier for everyone to read about your journey. I’m just beginning the healing process, again, after bone spur removal. My surgery is planned so it isn’t quite as hard to deal with as when a rupture occurs - but healing process is just as long. I am sorry that your rupture occurred at such a young age but you’ll probably recover more quickly than us oldies! LOL! I’m 57.

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