5 months post op

Quick update 5 months post surgery. Able to do about 10 GOOD 1 legged heal lifts with ATR leg. Decided to skip out on the early summer soccer as I planned and play golf and swim even though I felt I could play but psych not ready. Going to return to bball in fall at seven months. It feels healed except when I tried to run full speed, I notice a difference when I get up on my toes to sprint so I am not going to play sports til I can do that. Jogging is not a problem.  Pool training has really helped and I swim daily and do reps of 100  1 legged in shallow end of pool(very light workout) and it really helps strengthen my atr leg. Summer is here so take advantage of the pool.  Just  a heads up, I was told not to use flippers or hard kicking with kick board til six months. I read an early post on this subject. Not sure if it is dangerous or not but I am following the advice I was given. Happy healing.

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  1. how high you can do 1 heel lift vs normal leg?
    Can you do as high as normal in the pool?
    how do you relax Calf and etc after exercise?

    tnx for answers ;-)

  2. Mike753.

    My one legged lift on my atr is almost as high as my other leg on land. It may be a 1/2 inch lower. In the beginning of may I had them measured as part of a study I am in I believe one was 8 and the other 11 on the one legged heal lift. I go back next month for more testing. Getting them at equal levels has been the hardest part the last three months. In the pool I can get them equally high which tells me it is still weaker and needs some more work, partly why I skipped out on the sports this month and is likely the reason sprinting does not feel right(since that peak area is still not strong enough) so I backed off on agility exercises and sprinting til late next month. I think the pool work will put me over the edge and allows me to work those areas at the peak of my lift really well. I move to different areas and depths in the pool after I do sets on dry land. Some people look at me a little funny since I am bobbing up and down in the water but I think they can figure it out:)

  3. I forgot to add, haven’t done to much for post exercise, my pt suggested limiting the stretching(stiil do some) there biggest concern is me stretching the tendon now since it appears to be at the perfect tension right now. That is one thing I will find out next month because they did all these tests and measurements then and will do them again at end of July. I am lucky enough to get a calf massage pretty much every night since I have a great wife and has done wonders since I had a tendency to develop “knots” as it was healing. The PT also uses a bar and rolls it along my tendon and calf and it hurts when there is a knot but feels better afterwards.

  4. thanks for answers ;-)
    I don’t care what other think looking at me “bobbling” in complex pool. You should not be distracted by others - just concentrate on your foot - IMHO.
    I jump in middle of pool water about my waist, those small jumps.

    Any links about “knots” removal massages are very welcome.

  5. Mikej, I’d be surprised if you could materially affect the healed length of your AT by stretching it after 5 months. No hard evidence either way, that’s just based on how solid and “finished” mine felt (both of them) at that stage.

    Mind you, I also backed off the serious stretches once my range of motion returned to where it should be — both to “normal” and to pre-ATR levels.

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