Had my five month appt today. Got cleared to run!(told him I jogged a mile last week and all he said was good- wasnt sure what to expect) Said sports were ok but would prefer me wait four weeks for my six month study results at UDel so I’ll stick to straight jogging til then. Just have to get over this nervousness of returning to sports and go 1/2 pace for a while and remind myself this thing isn’t completely healed for 1 yr although the person doing the study said she will be able to tell me a lot about the internal tissue at my study. If I remember correctly she said something like she wants to see stage 3 tendon/muscle healing.

5 months post op

Quick update 5 months post surgery. Able to do about 10 GOOD 1 legged heal lifts with ATR leg. Decided to skip out on the early summer soccer as I planned and play golf and swim even though I felt I could play but psych not ready. Going to return to bball in fall at seven months. It feels healed except when I tried to run full speed, I notice a difference when I get up on my toes to sprint so I am not going to play sports til I can do that. Jogging is not a problem.  Pool training has really helped and I swim daily and do reps of 100  1 legged in shallow end of pool(very light workout) and it really helps strengthen my atr leg. Summer is here so take advantage of the pool.  Just  a heads up, I was told not to use flippers or hard kicking with kick board til six months. I read an early post on this subject. Not sure if it is dangerous or not but I am following the advice I was given. Happy healing.

thompson test post surgery

I am 3.5 weeks post surgery and tried Thompson test today out of curiousity. It was "negative" which is a good thing. My surgery foot moved toward the ceiling as it should. ROM was not as good as my good leg but it was good to see.  I think surgically most people should have a negative test but I was wondering when you get a negative test with non surgery healing and whether this means anything for my recovery,PT process etc. other than telling me its attached.

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