48 Days Post-Op

48 days can seem like an eternity but the time flies when you set small individual goals just trying to better your recovery each and every day.  Today also marked the beginning of my 5th week of pt. We started  to add resistance workouts to our regimen along with using balance boards. Nothing to tricky but it was nice to mix it up and do something more challenging finally.  What im mainly focusing on this week is my 4th appointment with my doctor this coming Friday. She previously said that if all had been going well that she would be clearing me for two shoes this appointment. I will be so pumped to ditch this smelly boot after 2 months of solid wear and tear. Even thought the swelling is still around my tendon and medial malleolus is still pretty puffy, I have roughly regained 75% of ROM in the ankle, mainly lacking full dorsiflexion at this point but as to be expected. Thats all i got for now, will re-update on Friday with my docs words of wisdom. Stay positive!

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