2 more weeks?

Went back for my 3rd follow up appointment post surgery(1 month) with my doctor and she adjusted the boot to a┬áneutral┬áposition. Walking is sooo much easier and now, just a little more painful now since its forcing me to increase my ROM from plantar flexion to neutral. Reminds me of when the dentist would tighten up my braces and the next few days would be hell. But the great news she told me was that I would be going into 2 shoes in the next appointment in 2 more weeks. Needless to say I’m PUMPED!

2 Responses to “2 more weeks?”

  1. Excellent! Two shoes in just two more weeks. That’s just six weeks post-surgery, right? Pretty good.

    Wishing you all the best.

  2. I like the plan of changing ankle at bed-time, not loading it up (at the new angle) ’til morning. No proof it works better, but it sounds logical to me.

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