Small Victories

Through my ATR journey thus far I have had to put up with more frustrations than I could have ever imagined. At the same time I’m coming away with an invaluable lesson learned. The little things we tend to take for granted such as walking, carrying a bag of groceries, getting to and from school can be monumental task. But you have to learn to be patient with yourself and ┬ástay positive with your recovery.
Each new step I take in my therapy whether its being able to do an exercise with greater ROM or just performing a new movement that was previously impossible to do the week before is now such a victory in my mind and is what keeps me pushing on with confidence knowing I’m going in the right direction.
As you can tell I’ve had way to much coffee this morning and just had to babble a little bit but I’ll leave you guys with a cool video I found the other day.

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  1. That’s it Mike, small attainable goals - like in “What About Bob”…. “Baby Steps”

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