PT Day 2

Today was my second day of PT. Im only 3 weeks post therapy but my therapist wanted to see if I could walk with only the support of one crutch and I did so with only moderate pain. After that I was put on a bike and rode for a few minutes and somehow didn’t have any pain doing so. We finished out with some ROM exercises on a balance board and ultrasound and electro-stim( which is amazing!)
Every day of therapy I feel 100 times more confident with my recovery and my future in athletics.

3 Responses to “PT Day 2”

  1. I think this is awesome! Agree every bit builds up that all important level of confidence that helps us reach for the next rung on the ladder! Well done!

  2. Ha! Mike - you and I are on the same schedule! I just posted my PT Day 2 results, from last night! Though I was more long-winded than you (that happens with me!), it sounds like we had fairly similar PT experiences, yesterday. I walked out of my therapy feeling good and confident of my recovery and return to athletics, too (though, I’m 45, not 21)!!!

    Keep up your spirits and keep up the good work!

  3. Haha thats to funny Eric! I would be long winded to but I’m so behind in my school work from this so I just have a few minutes here and there to update my blog, but I’m looking forward to checking out your day two experiences! Keep it up, we got this!

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