“How did you do this?…It’s an old person injury..”

I recently found this site and thought it would be cool to keep track of my recovery and learn from others that are farther along the recovery process than I am.

Lets start with a proper intro..My name is Mike ( if my username didn’t already give that away), I’m a 21 year old student at Towson University majoring in Exercise Science.  I ruptured my achilles playing intramural basketball on March 10th. When it happened my first thought was, “who the hell threw a basketball at the back of my leg?” Then it dawned on me…my achilles ruptured.

I had my surgery on March 20th. The whole procedure went smoothly and was in and out of the hospital within 5 hours. The worst part was waking up out of surgery, that was the most pain I’ve had during this injury. They left me in a cast after surgery but my doctor quickly took me out of it after 4 days and put me in the boot.

Swelling has greatly decreased and I get to start physical therapy this week, mostly theraband work will be done for the first few visits.

5 Responses to ““How did you do this?…It’s an old person injury..””

  1. Welcome, I’m 24 so I get where you’re coming from, I tore mine playing soccer. I don’t think it’s an “old person injury” though…I think it’s just being athletic. Hopefully you’re recovery goes well!

  2. Whassup Mike?
    I’m 26, and I too ruptured my A playing basketball. I had surgery a day before you but I am on a more conservative recovery path. Welcome to the site. Hopefully we’ll all recover sooner than later And we can get back ASAP. It’s a pretty annoying injury, but it’s cool people on here support you. Look forward to hearing more from you.

  3. Hey Victoria, I appreciate the support. I agree with you saying that its just from being athletic and always on the move too. That quote about it being an “old person injury” was just from one of the doctors I saw, just thought it was funny at the time. Hope your recovery is going well too!

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  4. Hey Matt, thanks for the support. What exactly did you do to rupture it during the game? I just planted to change direction, really was odd.

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  5. MIke,

    I was 25 at my first rupture and 26 for ruptures two and three.I am also an athlete, currently in school for a Fitness Technology certificate. Needless to say, it’s easy for our kind to “overdo” it, though it doesn’t feel that way to us.

    I discovered through my journey that I had orthopedic problems: one leg longer than the other and excessively high arches causing pretty extreme foot eversion problems. I always thought I just had bad balance! Analyze some of these avenues for yourself as you heal; orthopedic custom shoe inserts have made my situation much better! Best of luck to you.

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