48 Days Post-Op

48 days can seem like an eternity but the time flies when you set small individual goals just trying to better your recovery each and every day.  Today also marked the beginning of my 5th week of pt. We started  to add resistance workouts to our regimen along with using balance boards. Nothing to tricky but it was nice to mix it up and do something more challenging finally.  What im mainly focusing on this week is my 4th appointment with my doctor this coming Friday. She previously said that if all had been going well that she would be clearing me for two shoes this appointment. I will be so pumped to ditch this smelly boot after 2 months of solid wear and tear. Even thought the swelling is still around my tendon and medial malleolus is still pretty puffy, I have roughly regained 75% of ROM in the ankle, mainly lacking full dorsiflexion at this point but as to be expected. Thats all i got for now, will re-update on Friday with my docs words of wisdom. Stay positive!

2 more weeks?

Went back for my 3rd follow up appointment post surgery(1 month) with my doctor and she adjusted the boot to a neutral position. Walking is sooo much easier and now, just a little more painful now since its forcing me to increase my ROM from plantar flexion to neutral. Reminds me of when the dentist would tighten up my braces and the next few days would be hell. But the great news she told me was that I would be going into 2 shoes in the next appointment in 2 more weeks. Needless to say I’m PUMPED!

27 days post op..

And I’m walking with no crutches! Therapy is really paying off, the tendon feels really good but still along way to go. Just thought I’d post an update!

Small Victories

Through my ATR journey thus far I have had to put up with more frustrations than I could have ever imagined. At the same time I’m coming away with an invaluable lesson learned. The little things we tend to take for granted such as walking, carrying a bag of groceries, getting to and from school can be monumental task. But you have to learn to be patient with yourself and  stay positive with your recovery.
Each new step I take in my therapy whether its being able to do an exercise with greater ROM or just performing a new movement that was previously impossible to do the week before is now such a victory in my mind and is what keeps me pushing on with confidence knowing I’m going in the right direction.
As you can tell I’ve had way to much coffee this morning and just had to babble a little bit but I’ll leave you guys with a cool video I found the other day.

PT Day 2

Today was my second day of PT. Im only 3 weeks post therapy but my therapist wanted to see if I could walk with only the support of one crutch and I did so with only moderate pain. After that I was put on a bike and rode for a few minutes and somehow didn’t have any pain doing so. We finished out with some ROM exercises on a balance board and ultrasound and electro-stim( which is amazing!)
Every day of therapy I feel 100 times more confident with my recovery and my future in athletics.


So I just visited my doctor for the second time post surgery and she told me I could ditch the crutches and start walking with a boot if I am ready. I can stand with no problem but mentally taking that step is impossible for me right now. So in the mean time I’m walking with the use of crutches, just using partial weight until I build up some confidence to walk without crutches. Who knows how long that could be though…

“How did you do this?…It’s an old person injury..”

I recently found this site and thought it would be cool to keep track of my recovery and learn from others that are farther along the recovery process than I am.

Lets start with a proper intro..My name is Mike ( if my username didn’t already give that away), I’m a 21 year old student at Towson University majoring in Exercise Science.  I ruptured my achilles playing intramural basketball on March 10th. When it happened my first thought was, “who the hell threw a basketball at the back of my leg?” Then it dawned on me…my achilles ruptured.

I had my surgery on March 20th. The whole procedure went smoothly and was in and out of the hospital within 5 hours. The worst part was waking up out of surgery, that was the most pain I’ve had during this injury. They left me in a cast after surgery but my doctor quickly took me out of it after 4 days and put me in the boot.

Swelling has greatly decreased and I get to start physical therapy this week, mostly theraband work will be done for the first few visits.