Hello world!

Day One is today, March 20th. Waiting on the pain as my left leg is still numb. My story is pretty similar to a lot of the others on this site. I was killing it that night too, making plays all over the court…game was about over and then I went down. Top of the 3-pt line I was guarding a guy with a pick going on behind…some of the other guys are still confused weather or not I got “kicked”. After reading all the stories I guess we all know the answer to that. I’m 33 6′ and weigh around 200lbs…I was in good shape on the injury date, which was about 2 weeks prior. Surfed twice that day in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Anyway here I am day 1. I hope I’m off the crutches within 8 weeks like someone else I read…that would be fantastic. Thanks for making this site! I look forward to reading everyone’s stories and progress.