Hi Everyone - Hope I can share my journey with you from a Full Achilles Rupture in Dec.

Some details about me and my injury.

My name is Mickey I am 59 years young and I was playing regular soccer until Dec 15th 2015.

My journey to date is as follows:

Injured the Achilles during Astra Pitch Soccer match on Dec 15th it was classic I felt somebody kicked me at the back of the ankle and felt a sharp burning pain.

The match was late and I went to A&E the following morning. After some deliberation I went the conservative treatment path and I was put in permanent plaster on Dec 22nd.

I had plaster changes every two weeks over a seven week period the first four weeks were NWB.

The last two weeks I was FWB and I was out of plaster on Feb 2nd.

I started Physio on Feb 5th and I am having regular Physio since that time. Today I am 11 weeks since the injury and 5 weeks into rehab and I am trying to understand when I will see some real progress in my rehab.

I did a lot of reading on the AchillesBlog and thank you all for sharing your experiences it has been very enlightening and frustrating in equal measure because the journey is very individual and we are all different in our makeup and physical attributes.

My Physio Journey to date is that when I came out of plaster I was wearing standard shoes and weight bearing I was shocked at the level of wastage and weakness in the injured calf muscle and I was quite swollen and I am not as bad but the good ankle and bad ankle bear no resemblance to one another.

The exercises I am doing are simple I am using parallel bars for support and I have a triangular board which sets my injured ankle at 45 degrees to the floor and I bring my good foot beyond the injured foot and this stretches the Achilles tendon.

I also do some balancing on a disc which I am told helps the smaller foot muscles function again. I have been told to go to a swimming pool and get chest deep in the water and walk, the buoyancy works and you can really stride out on the injured foot.


At this point I am beginning to get a bit frustrated with my progress or lack of it and I know my PT as told me with this injury you cannot afford to overdo the rehab and less is more in the long run.

I would value any advice in terms of types of exercises after 5 weeks am I being unrealistic in my expectations I forgot to mention earlier I told my PT that my goal is to be golfing in April is this unrealistic.

That’s my first post all responses very welcome and thanks for looking at this post.


Cheers, Mickey