5 months post op

My first two tennis league matches were both wins (doubles)!
I have discontinued Physical Therapy because my gym classes are just as good if not better for strength training
Still have a limp after running around, but I know this will go away. It doesn’t hurt at all.
Still have the bump on the one side where the anchor came out a little, also doesn’t hurt
Can not do a single calf raise yet on the recovering side
Recovery is going great!
no more planar fasciitis or warm foot
Will post changes at 6 months, I should see the surgeon for the last time by then.

4 Responses to “5 months post op”

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  3. Thank you for posting your journey. I just ruptured my Achilles this week in the middle of playing pickle (I’m also a tennis player so that’s a little embarrassing!!!) and I’ve been looking around the internet to figure out what to expect. I have gone through rehab for ACL replacement before but I was also 20 years younger at the time so I know this one will be more difficult.

    It’s great to read the progress weekly to get an idea of what to expect. I feel like I’ve pretty much ruined my summer at this point but have family already scheduled to be in town over the 4th and a girl’s trip planned to Mexico at what will be my 10 week mark. Hopefully my recovery goes well and I won’t be in a boot trying to stumble though customs! Thanks again!

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