4 and 1/2 months post op

Switching from weekly progress to monthly or bi-monthly because I skipped. It’s hard to believe I’m almost at the 1/2 way mark to the one year recovery period. For ladies day league tennis I’m starting my first league match tomorrow. The captain put me on line 2 doubles for an A2 level match. That is some faith! I am rated 3.5 USTA (not playing any USTA matches this year) I will play A1 also this week which is a higher level and am skipping champ level for this season. I can play well enough. I can even get to difficult balls, it’s just hard to get back into position. I will limp a little on the court, it’s not that it hurts it’s probably just tight and my calf strength isn’t 100 percent yet. I really don’t notice much swelling but the definition at the ankle isn’t the same as the other side. The circumference of the right compared to the left is off an inch. To say that I’m thrilled with my progress is an absolute understatement. I have complete confidence that I will be back 100 percent now. I truly believe that my repaired achilles will be better than the one that hasn’t been repaired. I don’t feel the need to mention to anyone that I have been injured because it’s hard to notice. I have been kicking butt at practice. I don’t know if I will keep up with weekly PT appointments at this point. The PT said for people that just want to walk I’d be done. Some of the stuff we work on at PT I already do on my own. Whether it is jogging or resistance I can do it at the gym or in classes like barre or the like. Just need to work on that calf strengthening. Which is something I’m excited to do! I am up to a 20 mile bike ride once a week and want to fit in the Peloton weekly as well. I’m super active with classes, cycling and gym. It’s helping!

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