Week 16 Post op 4 days away from 4 months

Definitely getting back to exercising and tennis. Played 3 sets this week and at the end I was done. Wouldn’t want to play a league match. It’s hard to stop and I really can’t sprint to get to balls I could previously. My ankle is tight and occasionally there is pain on the outside, sometimes the heel (on the bottom) feels warm (but it is not to the touch) and sometimes there are just pains on the bottom of the foot. Again, all because there is very little calf strength. I am no where near being able to lift the injured heel off the ground solo. Limping is less and usually happens after stressing it, morning or after sitting for a while. I’m hoping that at the 6 month mark league play will be ok, realizing of course this is at least a 12 month recovery. Balance is everything, don’t do too much, don’t do too little. I have gained 7 pounds. The truth is I haven’t stuck to my healthy diet and with limited ability to exercise and family emergencies, the last two months were not good for weight gain. It will be ok! Now that moving more is a reality, I can stick to a healthy diet and those pounds with go away!

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