Week 14 post op

First of all Merry Christmas! The update for this week is that I can jog a little bit. I tried a short jog just to see and plan on increasing that to a jog/walk on my normal route. (normal for what seems like forever ago). I’m hoping to hit some tennis balls with friends and sign up for a tennis “boot camp” which is basically drills just to see what I can do. The physical therapist said not to try pilates yet. I think I’m going to veto that and just do what I can. New this week at PT, lunges. One leg heel lifts on an incline are incredibly difficult.
After 3.5 months I still have the swelling. The achilles is tight. The bottom of the heel is sore without the heel support of a shoe. This is tragic for someone who loves to be barefoot.
I’m going to try to clip in on the road bike this week and do the full 20 miles. I want my active life back.

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