Week 11 Post Op

This week is all about patience! I really want to advance my therapy and physical activity. However the Physical Therapist admonished me to follow directions. I’ve got one shot at getting this right.
This Friday will be my 12 week follow up with the surgeon. Hopefully I will be cleared to stretch the calf so that I can move towards full range of motion.
Leg presses hurt on the right side of the ankle. I can tell if I were to push it by running I would throw the rest of my body off because I can’t do the motion correctly … yet. I know there is progress because I can do the step off without pain. I still have stiffness in the morning.
Towards the end of the day the ankle and foot still swells. Still have occasional planar fasciitis and am still limping, PT still says this is because I don’t have full range of motion engaging my calf.
Still have hard incision nodules on both sides of my ankle that don’t hurt with shoes. The calf percussion massage doesn’t bother me as much anymore. But the calf scrapping tool is ridiculously painful. I call it torture! So formal PT once a week in the office. And the other days I repeat the same exercises in my other post. The PT didn’t add anything new this week. I’m up to a six mile bike ride a few times a week.

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