Week 14 post op

First of all Merry Christmas! The update for this week is that I can jog a little bit. I tried a short jog just to see and plan on increasing that to a jog/walk on my normal route. (normal for what seems like forever ago). I’m hoping to hit some tennis balls [...]

Week 13 post op

The exercises with the physical therapist advanced to heel drops and one leg heel lift on an incline. This is my new difficult movement. I am able to raise both heels to balance on the toes. The non injured foot does most of the work so it’s not equally balanced.
Swelling is STILL THERE! [...]

Week 12 post op

I saw the surgeon and he likes the way things are looking. He said it is ok to start doing standing heel lifts and lowering the heel beyond neutral. This should help stretch out the calf and head in the direction of full range of motion. Also coming up…jogging! Not until [...]

Week 11 Post Op

This week is all about patience! I really want to advance my therapy and physical activity. However the Physical Therapist admonished me to follow directions. I’ve got one shot at getting this right.
This Friday will be my 12 week follow up with the surgeon. Hopefully I will be cleared to stretch [...]