Week 10 Post Op

Week 10! My typical stiffness is still there in the morning, followed by PT repeat at home, an activity like cycling (I am up to 6 miles now/30 minutes), then swelling. The plantar fasciitis that I get towards the end of the day might be getting a little better. The doctor keeps doing the percussion massage once a week, while it hurts like hell, I did better with it this week. Then he does this scraping thing all over the muscle. He went a little deeper with that this week and that hurt. Still walking with a limp and the physical therapist says that is because I’m not able to fully stretch the calf muscle yet. By the next post op visit I should be cleared to do calf raises and really stretch out the calf muscle. I can’t wait!!! That will be week 12.
Also new this week I balanced on a square bosu flat side up for 2 minutes in a partial squat. Stepping off a 4 inch step (equivalent to a curb) is much improved! Much less pain.
Mentally I’m hanging in there. I’m missing tennis a lot. My fellow achilles recovery friend hit with me again this week and is helping me change my serve. That is something to look forward to there is nothing like hitting the snot out of a ball. For now the next milestone will be the post op visit in 2 weeks and moving into full range of motion. Yippeee!
I really don’t see the difference in my calf size from the left or the right. I’ve always had pretty big calves.

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