Week 8 post op

Now transitioning into 2 shoes. This week I took off the boot and tried to walk barefoot around the house. The achilles is super tight. I’m limping because of the tightness. If I decrease my stride I can walk without the limp. Hoping I don’t do too much too fast impeding recovery. I want to get back on the court so badly. I really hope the physical therapist is onboard with the doctor in letting me out of the boot. I am now walking really well with the boot on. If I can ride a bike (not just a stationary one) I will feel some sense of normalcy.
Physical therapy is once a week and exercises are done at home daily. The therapist used a percussion massage gun on my calf and it was really uncomfortable. He added 3 minutes of:
toe crunches with a towel
seated heel lifts
seated toe lifts
step up and off a step
leg press
Even though eight weeks is a long time, the next recovery milestones are likely going to be farther in between. I recognize this is a long recovery. I’m hoping to be back to tennis by the six month mark. Only time will tell. Everyone recovers differently.

2 Responses to “Week 8 post op”

  1. Dont give up. When I started walking without crutches, it was VERY slow, one half step at a time! But I was on the pickleball court in 4 months, and playing in about six months. But even now, 18 months, is still not quite strong, but it doesnt impede my play.

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