Week 10 Post Op

Week 10! My typical stiffness is still there in the morning, followed by PT repeat at home, an activity like cycling (I am up to 6 miles now/30 minutes), then swelling. The plantar fasciitis that I get towards the end of the day might be getting a little better. The doctor keeps [...]

Week 9 post op

I showed up to PT without the boot. So I am officially out of the boot and in shoes. It’s easier to walk around in shoes versus barefoot. The tightness is annoying as well as the limp.
The physical therapist added leg strengthening exercises (leg lift supine, then on the side and clamshell with [...]

Week 8 post op

Now transitioning into 2 shoes. This week I took off the boot and tried to walk barefoot around the house. The achilles is super tight. I’m limping because of the tightness. If I decrease my stride I can walk without the limp. Hoping I don’t do too much too fast impeding [...]

Week 7

At 7 weeks I’m walking around pretty comfortably in the boot with the even up shoe on the other foot. It is easy to do too much though. With the new found freedom I’m walking all of the time. At the end of the day my heel hurts.
I purposely walked a mile [...]