6 weeks post op

Actually 6 weeks post op is technically Monday. I moved up my surgeon follow up to today (3 days early) thank goodness I did. My father is in the hospital and I need to travel to Florida to take care of mom tomorrow. I have nurses taking care of her until I can get there.
Here is what the doctor said. That hard lump on the side of my ankle is most likely the anchor that came loose. I probably did this with that middle of the night twitch stretch. He said he wasn’t worried about it the achilles seems to be ok. He could feel that. The anchors are just to aid in healing. Ok so I’m not going to stress about that it is what it is. Next he said your good to start PT and aggressive weight bearing. Two weeks till you are out of the boot. I got home and thought how am I going to help my mother with transfers on a knee scooter or crutch? There would be no way to get into the bathroom with her in either contraption. My even up shoe didn’t arrive today as scheduled. I took one of the inserts from the boot and strapped it onto a tennis shoe with tape. Now I have an even up shoe. I started walking in circles around the kitchen with the crutches. Little by little I used the crutches less until I was walking. OMG I’m walking!
So PT is scheduled for next week and I’m going to beg they will do virtual while I’m in Florida. Technology baby! Let’s GO!

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