Week 4 post op hard knot above incision

This hard knot developed just above one of the healing incisions over the last couple of days and is now painful when it touches anything to include the boot. I have a call into the doctor along with pictures to see what can be done about it. The knot is about the size of a dime. Ice doesn’t help and neither does Advil. The only relief is to keep the boot off and have nothing touch it. At this point I welcome aspiration just to get rid of it so healing can continue. I have no idea what the suggestion will be.

UPDATE: The doctor said don’t worry about it. Pain comes and goes sometimes it’s bad. Sometimes no pain. Who knows. The hard bump is still there. I did take out a wedge insert out of the boot because I was told to take out one every two weeks. I’m back in the boot and it seems to be ok.


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