6 weeks post op

Actually 6 weeks post op is technically Monday. I moved up my surgeon follow up to today (3 days early) thank goodness I did. My father is in the hospital and I need to travel to Florida to take care of mom tomorrow. I have nurses taking care of her until I [...]

Week 5 post op

The scabs are all off at the incision points. The hard knot is still there and not as painful. Hoping the knot will just absorb. For an entire week the knot changed constantly. Swelling is down. A nurse friend of mine says it’s probably the surgical knot and will absorb.
I [...]

Week 4 post op hard knot above incision

This hard knot developed just above one of the healing incisions over the last couple of days and is now painful when it touches anything to include the boot. I have a call into the doctor along with pictures to see what can be done about it. The knot is about the size [...]

Middle of the night sharp pain week 3-4 post op

I’ve been sleeping without the boot and I think in the middle of the night I stretched it without realizing. Woke to sharp pain. Of course I’m worried about re-rupture. I called the doctor and spoke to the person fielding the calls and explained the situation and she didn’t seem to be [...]

Week 3 post op

Swelling is still there. Icing more and trying to elevate a little more. At the post op a compression wrap was placed around the ankle which has kept the swelling down. However top of my foot and toes look like a balloon. I’m now wrapping to cover up to the toes [...]

2 week post op

Whoo hoo making progress! Got the soft cast removed, stiches out. I was fitted into a taller boot than what I received before the surgery. I have all of the inserts in the boot at this time to keep the foot pointed down and the doctor advised I could remove one block [...]