Mar 19 2012

update on equipment/toys: Mobilegs - XeroSox - VACOcast Pro … xbox 360!

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Hum… I started writing this a little while ago, but didn’t press publish, so here goes :)

Here’s a quick summary of the equipment I bought to try to make my life easier while going through all this.


Mobilegs Ultra

When I got hurt, I was lucky enough that my folks had crutches at their house that they gave me right away. But they were forearm crutches that were always in the way when I was trying to grab things or turn lights on or off, and that were a real pain on the wrists with their straight grips.

The Mobilegs are great. Their customer service is exceptional: anytime I have a serious question I ask on their Facebook page, they recognize me and *call me* on the phone to provide assistance. There is a plastic rivet that is a bit loose on one of the handles, and when I mentioned this on their page, I got a call to let me know that they were sending new ones in the mail. Nice people, that seem to know that if we’re using their product, it’s because we really need their support - pun intended :)
The Mobilegs themselves are very comfortable with their ergonomic grips and the spring-loaded and rotating saddles. I’m moving twice as fast with them as I was with the forearm crutches.

I got the Hot Rod flames skin to put on them and they put a little humor in otherwise long and boring days :)
Hey! It even matches one of the couches I’ve been spending time on… ;)
Mobilegs Ultra with Hot Rod Flames Skin
Here are a couple of links to buy these:


XeroSox vacuum sealed cast cover

If you’ve just severed your Achilles tendon, especially if you live in Canada, don’t wait, and order one of these immediately. You’ll thank me later.
The reason is that XeroSox is very quick about shipping their product, but unfortunately, if you live in Canada, it will go through USPS, who will then hand it over to Canada Post, who will do who knows what processing it through customs before they finally deliver it to your door. I ordered on a Monday, and didn’t receive it before the Friday of the following week, so 10 full working days.
Being able to take a shower is again one of those little things in life you pay no attention to until you can’t do it anymore. That first shower after doing the washcloth thing for 2 weeks was a godsend - I must have looked like an old prune when I came out… didn’t want to get out of the water stream :)

I went for the full leg instead of the half leg, and it was a good decision: the half leg would have fitted just a bit too close to the top of the cast, so having the full leg helped a lot in making sure that the cast wouldn’t get wet. Make sure that the seal is good: my now atrophied quad made a dimple close to the knee that could have let water in but I caught it in time :)


VACOcast Pro Achilles Boot

The VACOcast was also a good buy. I guess I<m not the only one on here to get this, so there are probably plenty of glowing reviews on other blogs on this site.
Make sure you get the proper size. I probably could have fitted in a small (my measurements were just on the border of small and medium), but went for the medium, thinking that if my foot swelled I would have room in there. Check the website for the proper fit
What I can provide you with though is the address to get the VACOcast boot in Canada, as the US distributor does not ship to Canada (there is definitely a pattern here…).
I already mentioned this in another post, but just so everything is on this one page, here goes:
Landmark Medical Systems Inc.
Phone: 1-800-563-2626
Phone: 905-881-2324
Fax: 905-881-2327

The prices are (as of February 15 2012):

  • VACOcast Pro Achilles boot: $299.
  • Weather guard: $5, although they told me it is not the same as the one on the website
  • Additional liner: $60.

The weather guard isn’t really worth it. It looks like a shower cap, a bit sturdier, and is black. Good for covering the bottom of the boot but that’s it. I doubt it can take a lot of abuse. I just carry it in my backpack in case it rains when I get out of physio.
Also, if like me you’re going to be by yourself for a bit like I am (the SO decided she wanted a bit of a break from the cold -and me- and went to Florida for a couple of weeks…), it is probably worthwhile to get a second liner. I didn’t and since I didn’t want to risk it going to the basement to do a laundry load, I had to wait until a friend could come by the house to throw it in the wash. My scar wasn’t bleeding or anything and I sometimes put on a base layer hiking sock, so it wasn’t dirty per se, but it feels good after it’s been washed :)


Xbox 360

Since my surgeon put me on medical leave, I’ve been reading a *lot*, thinking even *more*, but since it was still winter up here - although it’s been really warm the last couple of days - I couldn’t really go outside and play, and seeing the blue skies and sunshine was making go nuts thinking about probably what is turning out to be the best skiing season in years…
I saw an ad for the Xbox 360 on sale last week, and just ordered it. I figured it would occupy my mind when I just can’t stand it anymore :)
Now the overpaid postman from Canada Post was too lazy to come to my door this morning and ring the bell, so I have to go get it at the nearest post office tonight once the tracking indicates it is available.
Should be fun with Forza Motorsport 4 that I got with it :)
Forza Motorsport 4
Links for Future Shop - it’s still on sale this week, and they give you a free game:

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  1. Welcher Computeron 07 Nov 2015 at 12:20 pm

    Forza Motorsport is a rly good game, hope, you enjoyed it :)

    greets :)

  2. SandraOwenson 16 Mar 2023 at 5:29 pm

    They won’t take any mobiles
    coupons though I was told… ah the joys of being ignored by the us.

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