Insurance issues

May 18, 2013

Well, I just got my first insurance summary since the injury and found out that the first Doctor I went to, who was in my insurnace company’s network, sent me to an imaging center who was NOT in my insurance company’s network and the MRI I got from that imaging center will end up costing me several thousand $$.

Thanks alot United Healthcare. I am so sick of the insurance system in the US. (I AM NOT A FAN OF OBAMA CARE THOUGH nor am I a fan of socialized medicine, there has to be a free market way to provide healthcare). How in the world am I supposed to know what imaging center is in or out of network. It should be that the in network DR is responsible for sending you to an in network imaging center. I make sure to go to an in network DR and in network Hospital for my surgery but the initial diagnosis by the in network DR determined that an MRI was needed for my injury after seeing the x-ray with either bone spurs or calcifactions and now the MRI is not covered???

I hate putting things off on other people like many in the United States do, but when you are hobbling around with an injury going from Dr to Dr and being told to go to a certain imaging center, you should feel safe with the idea that the in network Dr. that you chose - THAT TOOK YOUR INSURANCE INFORMATION - is sending you to an in network imaging center.

If the Dr. who is approved by United Healthcare to be in network decides that an MRI is needed then eiher United Healthcare should cover the cost of any referral to an imaging center or the Dr. should be responsible for sending their patients to the correct imaging centers. At a minimum the imaging center should tell you that they dont accept that insruance. Instead, nothing of the sort happened - the imaging center told me that I simply had not met my insurance’s deductable and I was responsbile for the difference rather than telling me that none of the cost would be covered by United Healthcare.

With that said I have posted the pictures of my X-Ray and MRI online since I might as well get my $$’s worth out of them. :-)

1st day @ office

May 13, 2013

I’m an attorney and my day job doesn’t require me to be on my feet all day so when my Dr. said I could go back to work I jumped at the chance to be in the office with everyone.

Little did I realize that this injury is tiring.  It’s amazing how tiring it is to just sit at a desk with your foot down (i feel weak ijust saying that but unfortunately just moving around with your foot below your heart is tiring) By the time the throbbing starts it takes twice as long elevated on another chair just to reduce the swelling.

it was a good day and great to see everyone but I think I’m going to take it easy and go in for only 2 or 3 days a week and even then only part days.  I’m lucky that I have business partners that are able to pick up the slack and that I’m able to log in frm home and work.  If I didn’t have that luxury I don’t know what I’d do.

counting down the days till this cast comes off.

#TornAchilles- Injury/Surgery/1st Followup

May 13, 2013

First I would like to Thank the team at Achillesblog for helping me get this up and running.

#Tornachilles is the hashtag I use whenever I post a picture of my foot on twitter.  I decided to post pictures of where I take my foot during this journey.  So far its to my Kids B-ball games and work but I hope to increase those pics as my mobility increases.  My handle is @mwz524

I had my injury on 04/21/2013 and surgery on 04/26/2013.  The MRI and x-rays (because of what looked like a bump on my heel they took and X-ray) showed a complete tear and that it was a bad one.  The X-ray showed prior trauma and some calicfaction in the area of the tear indicating prior trauma that never healed correctly.


Due to the severity of the tear my Dr. suggested that we also do an FHL tendon transfer.   The surgery went well and afterwards she said it was worse than he thought and had to remove about 1-1.5 inches of torn tendon so the FHL transfer was a good idea.


I think my post-op was similar to a lot of peoples where there is no pain due to the nerve block but you BETTER make sure to start your pain meds IMMEIDALY because when the block wears off you will not feel great.  I found this out because while I decided to start my meds immediately upon arriving home, the next day I thought I was feeling ok so i slowed down my meds and THAT wa a BAD idea.  It took me 8 hours to get comfortable again.  There wasnt pain it was just that I couldnt get into a comfortable position.


BY the 2 week mark I was ancy to get the splint off and see my stiches.  I was a bit scared because I heard that this area is the hardest to heal due to the lack of space between the skin and tendon.  Turns out my Dr. said it looked great, no pus or oozing and the sutures were removed.  I was then told that due to the severity of the tear I would be in a cast for 4 weeks .

The Dr. had me put in a cast with a heel wedge and told me I could walk on it if I wanted to or use my crutches whatever I felt.  He also told me to do as many toe exercised as possible.  stretch the toes massage them, etc.

So here I am at 2 weeks Post-op with a cast for 4 more weeks.