2years post op, upper Achilles pain?

Prior to my tear over 2 years ago the pain I had was in my heel.

I have not had that pain since the surgery but recently I have started having some pain well above my surgery location but below my calf. Has anyone else had that pain and if so any helpful hints would be welcome.

I’m hoping it’s the last bit of stretching of my tendon but I’m worried that somehow I did some damage to it (I don’t run or jog anymore, if I need to I figure I’m late already :)

2 Responses to “2years post op, upper Achilles pain?”

  1. I’m ~2 years post op as well. I do not have ‘pain’, but do feel it ache at times. Some days it feels a bit swollen.

    Overall, I’ve limited my activity quite a bit due to concern of injuring myself again. I can’t risk having this injury again.

    Good luck!!

  2. Hey I’m also two years post op. It’s winter in my country and my leg is giving me problems. I feel discomfort at the heel, don’t know if it’s waking too much or what but I’m scared I’ve also hurt myself. Thinking of limiting my sctivity to. I can’t go through that again##

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