scar tissue post-PT

So apparently even though you need PT and want PT and your Dr. Prescribes PT and your PT says you need more, your insurance is the final decision maker for your medical well being. Maybe Obamacare will fix that?? (Don’t really want to get into that conversation)

My question is whether anyone else has tried a “Tommie Copper” ankle brace or similar product to help relieve some swelling and reduce scar tissue?

Someone I know has used one for his knee and I know the ankle brace leaves the heel open but maybe it would help??

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  1. Many people here have used Compression — after all, we’re all advised to use R I C E — to relieve swelling, starting soon after our ATRs and continuing until swelling is no problem. Personally, I did better with Rest, Elevation, and Ice (in that order), but my (non-op) OS recommended a compression sock, and C socks and sleeves etc. have worked great for many here.

    Pity about the PT. I had to pay ~$70 each visit for my PT — subsidized by Ontario’s health insurance, I think, but still not a freebie like the rest of the treatment (even surgery).

  2. I’ve never seen any evidence (and have trouble believing) that “activated copper” has any beneficial effects here. And your question mentions — and your heading/title stresses — solving a SCAR TISSUE problem. I’ve never seen any evidence (and have trouble believing) that compression would directly help resolve any scar tissue problems. But it might make you feel more confident about exercising a lot, and THAT might help resolve your scar tissue problems.

    Flexing and exercising can help, and massage — including some aggressive massage like Graston technique — also seems to help. My PT told me to massage the sides of my AT while flexing and extending my ankle — sliding my finger and thumb UP my AT while DORSI-flexing, and DOWN the AT while Planar-flexing. The tendon moves in one direction, and the finger and thumb (”pinching” the AT) move in the opposite direction.

  3. thanks for the massage technique, I have been massaging it daily and aggressively but not like you described so I will definitely try that. I am going to the gym and trying to get my calf strength up so that I can do toe raises with just my repaired foot.

  4. How soon after surgery is it “safe” to begin receiving aggressive deep tissue massages on AT and surrounding area?

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