ATR surgery or age, hmm

If you have been reading my bolg you know that Friday was my b-day. My wife took me out with some friends to Capital Grille here in Plano, TX. After a cocktail at the bar, a Ribeye, 2 bottles of my new favorite wine Cotes-Du-Rhone and then a special coffee drink with Baileys and Tequila I woke up the next day with the biggest hangover that I couldnt shake. Im going to blame it on the surgery I had 4 weeks ago and not the 41 years of fine aging of myself :)

Meanwhile, an update on the ant/ant killer issue:
I got fed up with the feeling of the ant killer rolling around in my cast so the genius in me was working at my computer and thought, what about blowing it out with air. I was cautioned multiple times of putting something in my cast (didnt heed those warnings with the ant killer, haha) so I pulled out the air can that you use to clean computer keyboards. I then proceeded to blow some up my toes and immediately thought, wow thats cold. It was then that I decided to look at the can and noticed that it can cause forstbite if it comes in contact iwth the skin. I spent the next hour reading up about frostbite and freaking out.

Needless to say I dont have frostbite and the ant killer didnt come out of the cast so 12 days from now it will probably come rolling out on my Drs office floor.

Off to the lake tomorrow and will be brining about a case of garbabge bags and Duct tape. Would normally bring a case of beer too but thats not happening after yesterdays hangover. fun fun fun.

4 Responses to “ATR surgery or age, hmm”

  1. Lightweight! A clear sign you are over the hill–lol! Just kidding. I had one glass of champagne and could hardly balance on one foot and two crutches. Sounds like an awesome birthday–my mouth waters at the mention of the rib eye. My fave! Sounds like the ant killer isn’t going anywhere. You had a good idea there–but what about trying to blow it out with an air compressor hose? A trip to the gas station, perhaps?

    Enjoy yourself tomorrow sans the case of beer :) Stay dry (double entendre intended.)

  2. SO glad you had the ATR so you could make us LOL here, Michael!!

  3. Loving your blog. You’re sort of the “National Lampoon ATR patient’. The visuals have me smiling which certainly brightens up this drizzly, cold day.

  4. Michael, I think georgiemac mentioned recently a doctor friend who said that alcohol goes straight to the tendons. So you DO have medical backing to blame the ATR for any instability or after effects, rather than the cocktail, wine, baileys and tequila. Enjoy and happy healing.

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