B-Day and ants - ahhhhhhhh

This is both a self-serving and informative post.

#1. Today is my 41st B-day and I am exactly 4 weeks post-surgery and almost 5 weeks since the rupture.

#2. Now for the informative part. My business partners sometimes call me Mr. or Captian obvious and the following information is why. I looked outside today at the pool and noticed a big mound of dirt. Having decided to take the day off because of my B-day (see #1 above :) - haha) I took the liberty of going outside to see why there was dirt there. Turns out that it was a large ant pile. I guess the wet and hot weather brought them to the surface recently. To combat them I went to the garage and pulled out the ant killer and crutched over to where they were.

Looking only at the ant pile I was working on I did not notice there were ants behind me; lo and behold a couple crawled onto my exposed toes that were part of my right foot which is currently in a fiberglass cast. OUCH. As I was wiping them off my foot I spilled some of the ant killer onto my foot and now I have some of it in my cast. Feels like when you get sand in your shoe at the beach except you cant take off the cast and spill it out. ARRGGGHHHH - 2 more weeks - hopefully it falls out gradually.

With that said my obvious advice is, dont go around ants in your cast. not fun when they get inside!!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone. For those not in the US have a great weekend too.

8 Responses to “B-Day and ants - ahhhhhhhh”

  1. Happy birthday! As I recall, 41 was a pretty good year :) At least you are still closer to 40 than 50 (wish I could say the same!! Nothing wrong with a self serving post–it is your birthday after all. Thank you for the laugh too. Sorry it is at your expense though. I can’t believe there was an ant pile big enough to mistake for a pile of dirt. Ugh and yuck! I hope the ant killer gets the buggers in your cast and I will be careful to avoid ants on my daily trek to the recyclebins! Enjoy your three–no, four day weekend, birthday boy!

  2. Happy Birthday. Enjoying hearing of your Antics :-)

  3. Kelly - I’m a gennerally happy guy and love to laugh so if I can make someone else laught all the better

    Micha - Your blog is great, your antics are fun to read as well. Hope your NY trip was fun. I was born there and parents were born and raised there too.

  4. If it were me with the ants in the cast I would freak out and probably ask to get a new cast!! Ants are my number two feared creature right behind spiders! Happy birthday!

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if Norm has a study that shows the effect of ant killer on ATR…;-)

    Happy birthday!

  6. I got nuthin’, Erik! Except a continuing preference for boots — ESPECIALLY around ants!! (And fond memories of the year I was 41! ;-) )

  7. Michael, very annoying for you but hilarious for us. Thanks for sharing. Would you mind extending your “how to deal with ants in my cast” experiment ?

    I have been told that a natural alternative to ant powder is oats. The theory is that they feed them back to the nest, causing the ants to swell and the nest is no more. I don’t personally think it works. Could you pour some oats down your cast and see what happens. From an experimental perspective grinding them down will be fine. That way they should be no more irritating than the ant powder already down there.

    Good luck and keep up the fun !! :)

  8. THanks for the natural remedy. I have taken the less is more approach meaning the less i put in the cast the more I wont think about whats in there!! Meanwhile Im guessing hte little guy either got crushed in there or crawled out. I took some benedral several days ago for the itching I had and i havnt felt anything since.

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