1year coming up

I haven’t been active here in quite some time.

Coming up on my 1 year mark soon and had some thoughts I wanted to share. The biggest being overall health

I was quite active prior to my injury and ate to compensate for the calories I burned off during the day/week. Unfortunately that meant I was able to compensate for my poor eating with exercise.

After the surgery and rehab I continued my bad eating habits (fast food, lots of carbs, sugary drinks, chocolate, etc) but wasn’t able to exercise at all at first and then enough once I got some mobility I couldn’t exercise enough.

I just went in last month for my annual physical and my blood work was WAY out of whack.

My suggestion is to remember to eat even healthier than before. Sounds like obvious advice but when you are laid up the first several weeks you are more focused n getting around and happy to eat something rather than focusing n what you are eating.

Good luck to everyone and hopefully will post more as I think about it.

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